Seamless pipes

Seamless pipes

M.E.G.A. S.p.A. has always stood out for its multi-technological capabilities and high-performance manufacturing, efficiently and flexibly carrying out the entire production cycle of each pipe, starting from forging through to the final testing phase and any inherent certification.

Thanks to continuous investments in new technologies, M.E.G.A. is able to obtain seamless pipes from a forged bar up to 11,000 mm in length and 1,400 mm in outside diameter. The special machining process enables M.E.G.A. to produce special seamless SMLS pipes as thin as 20mm (depending on the other dimensions) as well as large diameters.

Pipes can be manufactured from carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex and superduplex stainless steel, and can be plated with CRA material (typically UNS N06625 or 316L) to ensure corrosion resistance. DSS and SDSS pipes can be produced to be Norsok M-650 compliant.


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